How is everyone? It’s Monday again! Let’s start the week by featuring my really cute and talented student who has a good vision for the world, Dylan (Oh Jeong Cheol).

During English class hours, Dylan is a diligent and expressive student. Who knew that this charming young boy actually loves calligraphy!?

Look, he even brought his calligraphy pens here in PIA! He still balances English studies with his hobby.

Take a look at some of his art here:

I had a short interview with Dylan and asked him how he first got interested in calligraphy.

He said he it caught his eyes when he saw well-made lettering of some Korean drama titles. After that, he tried some calligraphy pens and guess what — it became his hobby~! Interesting, right?

His mom even encouraged him to enroll in a calligraphy academy but Dylan said that it is just a hobby for the time being.

Dylan also cares for his family very much. He is very proud of his sisters and he likes listening to K-pop. His favorite group is *drum roll please* BLACKPINK! Alright, Dylan! I like your taste in music.

(Oh, and we’ve heard that Dylan can dance to some Kpop songs… we would like to see, please! ^^)

Our budding artist is also well aware of different issues in Korea and in the world. We had a discussion on the society and the government and he told me, “Teacher, I don’t like wars. I hope we can stop wars.” (Nv.)

To Dylan, from Teacher Mars ^^ Ohh~ it resembles you so much, Dylan!

So for this young talented and artist with a beautiful heart, PIA wishes you good luck as you continue to pursue your passion.

Article: Marianne Q. Rabang

Our message to everyone:

Do the things you love, live a happy and meaningful life