What makes a good class, good? Is it the skills of the teacher? The level of the student? The materials being studied? Well, if all these factors were combined, this would make a good class, a great one. So what should you as a student do to produce a great class with your teacher? Here are a few tips.

1. Ask questions during the class especially if you don’t understand something. 

What questions can you ask?

  • Questions for clarification:

  • Questions to ask during the class:

2.Make sure you are well-prepared before attending the online class. 

As students, you expect your teacher to be ready for the lesson. 

  • As students, you expect your teacher to be ready for the lesson. What are some things you should remember to do before entering the class? Here are a few:

Before the online class, make sure you have read or reviewed any articles or reading the current lesson material.

Search for the meaning of words you are not quite familiar with.

Be mentally and physically prepared. Make sure you’ve had a good rest the night before the class. 

Check your internet connection to avoid disconnections or lag during class.      

DOUBLE CHECK your schedule to make sure you’re entering your class on time.

3. After your class, there are still some things you need to do.

Make sure to check your class feedback on the site. The feedback you get from your teacher will help you know which areas you need to improve on. 

Of course, don’t forget to check on your homework. Make sure you do all your homework and submit them right away.

Remember having a good class with your teacher can go a long way. Your teacher will appreciate you more if you actually put in an effort during your class. So do your best, work hard, and of course have fun studying English!

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