What’s up everyone? How’s your stay in Baguio so far? Are you enjoying the cool climate, diverse restaurant choices, and the endless racks of second-hand clothing in ukay-ukays? Well, I bet you are!

Before you go all out in exploring this melting pot of clothes, foods, and nature slash city mash up, here is a quick list of the things you absolutely must bring.

1. Umbrella


Did you say you don’t need to bring an umbrella? Biggest. Mistake. Ever. Seriously. In a place like Baguio where the weather is as unpredictable as your friend’s mood swings, a handy umbrella is your strongest weapon. Be it the unprecedented rain or the extremely hot temperature, these are no match for this trusted buddy.

2. Jacket / Sweater


So, you decided to ditch your jacket/sweater because the sun was up and about this morning? Oops! Another big mistake, mate. As mentioned, Baguio weather is particularly difficult to gauge on a daily basis. If you want to run back to your hotel or transient house soaking wet then ignore this list.

3. Durable Knapsack


Aside from serving the purpose of keeping your newly-bought stuff from malls and indie shops alike, a bag made of strong material will protect your valuables from thieves. Yes, unfortunately, Baguio is not exempted from these sly people. Pro tip: place your bag in front of you especially in crowded places. We know it looks funny, but I swear it won’t be funny when you see your bag slashed by who-knows-what.

4. Loose Change


The jeepney fare in Baguio City is really affordable – less than 9 pesos. Snacks and street foods are also relatively cheap. Our advice? Always carry around some coins and small bills for quick and convenient transactions. This will also protect your main wallet from being the target of looming thieves.

5. Smartphone (with Grab app)


During weekends and holidays, it can be quite difficult to catch a taxi. This is especially true during night time. You can always opt to queue in the mall but oftentimes the line gets really long and is open only until around 9pm. Taking a jeepney is also a good choice but most do not operate for 24 hours.

Having the Grab app installed in your phone can be a lifesaver (uhm, but you have to be really, really patient and persistent). Plus, having a phone can come in handy during emergency situations. Again, please, please be extra careful with your belongings. 

Alright! That’s all for now, folks! I hope you gained some useful information from our Baguio Survival Kit top 5 essentials. Did we miss something? Tell us your Baguio City hacks and some other useful tips and we might add them in a future post. Have a fun, meaningful, and memorable adventure!

Article: Marianne Rabang