May is the in-between of dry and wet seasons here in the Philippines. The sun can be so unbearable and sometimes rain will just start to pour out of the blue (especially here in Baguio City). So what are the foolproof get-ups  for this month of transit and unpredictability? Here are our top picks.

1. Loose and Light


Comfortable and light-colored clothes are definite must-haves in everyone’s wardrobes. They go well with many kinds of pants and shoes and they allow the body to breathe. We don’t want that sweaty and sticky feeling to ruin our mood now, don’t we?

2. Floral Aesthetics


If you prefer patterned fabrics, floral designs are the perfect choice! From small to large prints, flowers will give you and the people around you a boost for the day. Our eyes are naturally drawn to nature so this style is timeless.

3. Back to Basics


Basic pieces are surefire classic closet essentials that anyone can wear. With these bad boys, achieving a clean and well-put look is no sweat. The best thing? They are easy to match with various kind of clothing choices and they are very comfortable!

4. Happy Hats Club


Hats never go out of style since we always need to protect ourselves from the summer heat. Choose neutrals and organic colors to give a laid back and carefree vibe to your look. Opting for basic wear? No worries, hats also add instant style points to your get up.

5. Sunny Sandals

chan-y-114056 (1).jpg

To keep the overall feeling of freshness throughout our summer adventures, our feet also need some air. A pair of trusted and comfy sandals will take you places be it for your well-deserved alone time or your much awaited hang out time with buddies.

How about you guys, what are your top summer picks? Share them with us. What are you waiting for? Make your summer comfortable, meaningful and memorable!

Article: Marianne Rabang