Have you ever felt stressed and all you want to do is eat a lot? This is how exactly it is to pig out. Most people call this as bingeing or eating in excess. So let’s check the 2 situations that will describe the feeling of persons who are in the mood of pigging out.

Expression: Pig out (phrasal verb)

Meaning: Informal way of saying “eating large amount of food” 

Sentence:  My friends and I have been pigging out due to hell week stress.

Situation #1 Fit Friends went out on their “cheat day” and ate large amount of food 

Bev: I always look forward to having this weekend get-together

Otis: I get what you mean! You are looking forward to pigging out with us Bev.

Martin: I have the same feeling with Bev because we’ve been eating clean food for the last 5 days.

Kendra: I love the thought of eating layered pancakes and bacon. Happy cheat day guys 🙂

Sam: I’m starving! Let’s start eating our delicious pancakes!

Situation #2 Blair got dumped by his boyfriend and asks Serena to accompany in pigging out

BlairChuck dumped me Serena. I want us to go somewhere coz I’m in the mood of pigging out instead of wallowing in my room.

Serena : OMG! Let’s go for food therapy at the nearest French restaurant and order the best food from the menu and drink champagne

Blair: All I have in my mind right now is eat the most delicious foods.

Serena: Let’s head out and start pigging out.

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