Today, we will learn how to describe a nice person. We usually use “down to earth” when to describing a person who is humble,realistic and practical. Do you know a down to earth person ? Leave us a comment   🙂

Expression: Down to Earth  (adj)

Meaning: Humble, realistic and practical person.

Sentence:  Leo remains to be down to earth even if he’s widely known in Asia for his artistic works.

Situation #1 Dane describes the professional photographer and lecturer to her friends

Dane: Guys believe it or not, I met Daido Moriyama in person!

 JB: Really? The ” Daido Moriyama” ?

Dane: Yes! You know what? Despite his status, he remains to be friendly and down to earth. He treated every amateur photographer like one of his pals. It feels like I’ve known him for a long time.

Ken: Wow! It’s hard to meet down to earth celebrities nowadays.

Dane : He even let me use his camera.

Mikko: Oh my gosh! I regret not going to the lecture. I would have learned some techniques from him.

Situation #2 Billy talks to her colleagues and told them that they don’t have to give special treatment to her in the office after getting promoted.JenniferGood morning Billy~ I have prepared all the files you need for the meeting.

Ben: Also, your coffee will be brought to you 5 minutes before the closed-door meeting.

Billy: I appreciate your effort in making first day in the office  special. And I owe my promotion to all of you. Your great work and effort led us to attaining high sales metrics.

Jennifer: Billy ~ we are lucky to have you in our team.

Ben: You have achieved a lot of things and you yet are still down to earth.

Billy: It’s just an office position. Having a high position should not change anyone a bit. However, we should be pushed by hard work and professionalism, no special treatment is needed.