Expression: It’s (better) to be safe than sorry

Meaning: To be fully protected on all kinds of risks  is better than to be careless

Sentence:  Make sure to take your vitamins before going to school; (it’s) better to be safe than  sorry.

Situation #1 Jim talks to his groupmates and reminds them about saving their research files on cloud

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Jim: I’m reminding everyone to save a copy of our research files on  cloud.

Hailey : I have already saved it on my hard drive.

Rose: I made copies as well on email.

Ben: It’s on my memory stick (USB/ flash drive) as well.

Jim : I understand that most of you would like to use your cloud storage for videos and photos, but then it’s also nice if we save our group files there. It’s better safe than sorry.

Mikko: Yes, I totally agree with Ben. Sometimes,  memory sticks and hard drives stop working because of virus.

Situation #2 Kyle talks to Ben about the importance of wearing life vest while kayaking 


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Kyle: Hey Ben~ Don’t forget to wear your life vest before you go kayaking.

Ben: Wearing life vest will ruin my Instagram post

Kyle: I know that you know how to swim and that life vest doesn’t look good photos, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. The current’s strong right now.

Ben:Thanks for the concern Kyle. I will wear it later on.