Expression: Strike while the iron is hot

Meaning: Make the most out of the opportunity given

Sentence: Benny struck the iron while it was hot ; he asked for a budget increase in his department right after getting promoted.

Situation #1 Rose complained to her colleague Jenina for getting so many inquiries from another country (not the country their product is targeting) about their start-up cosmetic product. Check out how Jenina used the expression in this situation.

Rose:  I am getting tons of product inquiries on our email. Most of them are from Middle Eastern countries. So far, we don’t have inquiries from Northern America.

Jenina : Let’s strike while the iron is hot and look for a brand ambassador from the Middle East.

Rose: Are you serious ? Our target is Northern America.

Jenina : Like I said, let’s strike while the iron is hot; we should be open for new market.

Rose : Okay, okay. I’m gonna look for a brand ambassador in one of those countries.

Jenina : Let’s do whatever we can to get clients abroad. This could be our chance.

Situation #2  Debbie was offered a post graduate scholarship in Harvard, but she just got promoted as the lead news anchor of the biggest news team in America. She’s contemplating if she can do both.


Debbie: I got the scholarship and the promotion. I just don’t know if I could do both.

Ben: This is the perfect time for me to say, strike while the iron is hot ! Have a meeting with the TV executives and check the options. You are the most organized person that I know. I guess you can do both. Don’t let Harvard go!

Debbie: I hope the negotiation will go well.

Ben: Girl, strike while the iron is hot! You are an asset; I think they will listen to you and support you.

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