learn english, học tiếng anh


In a similar situation / In the same position as someone else
cùng hội cùng thuyền


Sentence: In this group project, we have to help each other as we are all in the same boat. You fail, we all fail.


Situation 1: Friends complaining about work

Clark: I don’t want to go to work anymore. I feel like my boss is picking on me. He scolds me even with the smallest mistakes.

Benson: We are in the same boat. I think my boss doesn’t like me, too.

Owen: Hush both of you. Don’t take it personally and instead learn from your mistakes. Look on the brighter side.

Clark: I guess you’re right. I am not used to being scolded so maybe that’s why I’m easily hurt when my boss scolds me.

Benson: You’ve got a point there. I have to take criticisms positively and don’t let it affect me personally. Thank you, Owen.

Situation 2: Future plans

Bella: I want to work abroad and travel a lot, but it’s very difficult to do so since I can’t really speak in English.

Marie: That’s also my dream. I guess we are on the same boat. Want to go abroad to study English?

Bella: That sounds great. Actually I’ve been saving money for a year and now I am really happy that you suggested that to me.

Marie: Cool. Let’s meet tomorrow and plan it well.