To pass or progress quickly and easily


  1. I was so nervous about the test but when the results came in, I was relieved because I sailed through
  2. I really wanted my piano skills to level up, but my teacher said I sailed through enough that she saw a big improvement.
  3. You would sail through in school if you just studied hard.



* Situation 1

ASTRID: Hey! How’s the college entrance examination going? I was told that they quite changed the questions.

MERIDA: Yep, you’re right, but  I think I sailed through it though it was quite hard.

ASTRID: That’s good news! I hope you’ll pass the exam, so I can see you around the campus next school year.

MERIDA: Yeah!I hope so too. Thanks!

* Situation 2

HARRY: Good day Ron. I see you’ve been practicing so hard for the recitals this weekend.

RON: Yeah, I am. Actually, I’m very nervous. What if I can‘t play the violin really well as they expect?

HARRY: Oh, don’t be too hard on yourself, I know you will sail through it and your music will be really good.

RON: You think so? Well, thanks Harry![/vc_column_text][us_sharing type=”outlined” align=”center” facebook=”1″ twitter=”1″ gplus=”1″ linkedin=”1″ pinterest=”1″ vk=”1″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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