One of the best ways to sound close to a native speaker is to use idioms in casual conversations and there is a lot in the English Language. This week, our theme is idioms starting with the word ‘out’.

Out of the Woods

Meaning: to be out of trouble.

Sample Sentence: Thank goodness, David got out of the woods by lending his extra batteries.

Sample Dialogue:

A: We have a problem, Jake.

B: What?

A: The file of the presentation is missing.

B: Have you checked the trash bin?

A: I did. And it’s not in there.

B: Mark, the file is missing.

C: Oh, the system was rebooted yesterday.

A/B: Oh, no! We need that for the 10 am presentation.

D: I saved the files on an external drive. Here!

A: Thanks! You got out of the woods.

Out of the Question

Meaning: not possible or allowed.

Sample Sentence: Bringing alcohol inside the dormitory is out of the question.

Sample Dialogue:

A: Dad, I’m going out with my friends on the long weekend.

B: Where to?
A: At a  resort by the beach.

B: Fine but you need to promise me that no alcohol. And boys are out of the question.

A: Yes, Dad. I promise.

Out of the Blue

Meaning: suddenly

Sample Sentence: He just got mad out of the blue.

Sample Dialogue:

A: How was your weekend?

B: It was a blast!

A: Oh, what did you do?

B: I attended an outdoor concert.

A: That sounds indeed fun!

B: I thought only some local artists would attend but I was so surprised when big artists performed.

A: Wow, that’s indeed a weekend to remember.

Out of the Picture

Meaning: no longer involved, irrelevant.

Sample Sentence: Ever since they broke up, Daniel has been out of the picture.

Sample Dialogue:

A: Long time no see, Mary.

B: How have you been, Daisy?

A: I’m good but where’s Greg?

B: Oh, we have broken up a few weeks ago.

A: I see, that makes sense why he suddenly was out of the picture.

Out of the Ordinary

Meaning: unusual.

Sample Sentence: Nothing out of the ordinary happened while you were away.

Sample Dialogue:

A: Welcome back. Did you guys have fun?

B: We did. It’s been a while since the last time we went out. Thank you for looking at the kids.

A: No problem.

B: And how did they behave?

A: They were such sweethearts. Don’t worry nothing out of the ordinary happened

Out of this World

Meaning: extremely enjoyable or impressive.

Sample Sentence: The party was out of this world.

Sample Dialogue:

A: Hey, let’s eat out for lunch.

B: Sure. I’m actually already hungry.

A: Let’s go to Luigi’s.

B: Luigi’s? Where’s that?

A: You seriously haven’t been there?

B: Not yet.

A: You’re kidding! Their pasta is out of this world!

B: Let’s go then!

Out of the Closet

Meaning: To publicly announce a belief or preference that one has kept hidden, especially one’s sexual preference.

Sample Sentence: It was a shock to everyone when the famous actor came out of the closet.

Sample Dialogue:

A: Have you heard about the latest tea?

B: What news?

A: Paul’s brother has come out of the closet.

B: Wait, the one on the soccer team?

A: Yeah.

B: And what was the other members’ reaction?
A: I guess they already know about it so they are cool about it.

B: Well, that’s good to hear.

Out of Someone’s Way

Meaning: not obstructing or impeding someone; not in someone’s path.

Sample Sentence: Just get out of her way when Laura is upset.

Sample Dialogue:

A: The drama club is really busy preparing the stage.

B: Oh, what’s the event?

A: A musical.

C: Excuse me. Sorry, but can you get out of our way? We’re carrying heavy stuff we might hit you accidentally if you stay there

A: Sure. Sorry.   

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