Queen Elizabeth. Prince Harry, Michael Jackson, and Beyonce. There is something common with these people; they are considered royalties.  In the English language, there are a couple of meanings the word ‘royalty’ means. One of them is people of royal blood or status. For example, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry whose bloodline rules the United Kingdom. Another meaning of ‘royalty’ is the most successful, famous, or highly regarded member of a particular group. Michael Jackson is considered the King of Pop. In addition, Beyonce whose success has led to her becoming a cultural icon and earning her the nickname “Queen Bey”.

In this blog, we will teach you 10 royal idioms.

Queen Bee

Meaning: a woman who has a dominant or controlling position in a particular group or sphere.

Sample Sentence: Melissa is the queen bee of the legal department of RnJ Company.

Sample Dialog:

A: Miss Ladine is surely intimidating, don’t you think?

B: You can say that again! I feel a bit scared whenever she calls me in the office.

A: I exactly know the feeling. The last time I felt that is when the school director called me when I was in my junior school.

B: I guess it’s pretty normal to be intimidating when you’re the queen bee.

Crown Jewels

Meaning: a particularly valuable or prized possession or asset.

Sample Sentence: Angkor Wat is one of Cambodia’s architectural crown jewels.

Sample Dialog:

A: I’ve heard there’s a road that they plan to build in your neighborhood.

B: That’s right but the people aren’t happy with it.

A: Oh, why so?

B: The road will be built right through the middle of the neighborhood. Imagine the noise from the cars at night.

A: I can imagine.

B: And there’s a hundred-year-old Narra tree there which is considered our very own crown jewel.

Prince Charming

Meaning: a man who is handsome, brave, polite, etc., and would be a perfect husband or boyfriend.

Sample Sentence: Jinho is such a Prince Charming.

Sample Dialog:

A: We’re already turning thirty next year but you never expressed that you wanted to get married.

B: Huh? I’m not really rushing.

A: So, are you still waiting for your Prince Charming?

B: With or without, I’m contented with my life.

A Royal Pain

Meaning: Someone or something which is very angering, annoying, or disgusting.

Sample Sentence: Doing research works is a royal pain.

Sample Dialog:

A: So, what do you do?
B: I’m a kindergarten teacher.

A: Wow, that’s a tough job.

B: It is. Taking care of children is a royal pain but it’s also heartwarming that they treat you like family.

Drama Queen

Meaning: a person who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way.

Sample Sentence: Emily is such a drama queen that’s why she was rarely invited

Sample Dialog:

A: It’s my birthday party on the weekend. Can you come?

B: Sure. I don’t have anything to do so I can go.

A: That sounds great.

B: But are you going to invite Emily?
A: I guess so. I know nobody likes her for being such a drama queen but she will be more overly dramatic if I don’t invite her.

B: I guess you’re right.

Live like a King

Meaning: live in great comfort and luxury.

Sample Sentence: After winning the lottery, Paul has been living like a king.

Sample Dialog:

A: It’s nice to see everyone again.

B: For real! It’s been a while since the last time I saw you guys. How have you been?
C: Same old, same old.

B; Wait, where’s Paul? Isn’t he coming?

A: I’m not sure if he can attend the reunion.

C: Oh, why’s that?

A: He became busy after winning the lottery.

D: So, the rumors are true. He’s been living like a king.

King’s Ransom

Meaning: a huge amount of money; a fortune.

Sample Sentence: Marky has bought his wife perfume which costs a king’s ransom per bottle.

Sample Dialog:

A: Happy Birthday! Here’s a gift from me.

B: You shouldn’t have but thank you for this. Can I open it?

A: Of course!

B: Oh, my! This bag costs a king’s ransom! Are you sure about this?

A: A thank you is all I want to hear.

B: Well, then. Thank you.

Build Castles in the Air

Meaning: plans that have very little chance of happening.

Sample Sentence: Aiden is building castles in the air when he said he’s going to the Maldives this year. I mean if his travel funds will come from his salary, it would be impossible.

Sample Dialog:

A: Dan is such a prince charming.

B: Well, I guess so. He’s kind and handsome.

A: Yes, a husband material. And how I wish I could be his wife. We’ll live in a house near the ocean. I will be taking care of our cute children as he works hard for our future.

B: Stop building castles in the air and continue working already.  

To Hold Court

Meaning: to receive a lot of attention from other people who stand or sit around you to listen, especially on a social occasion.

Sample Sentence: Phyrrus, being his usual self, has been holding court at the end of the dining table.

Sample Dialog:

A: I heard Pierre is a graduate of Yale.

B: He is and he took Communication as a major.

A: Oh, that’s why he’s easy to talk to, I guess. He’s really friendly and talks about interesting things.

B: Right, he always holds court whenever we have a party

To be King/Queen of Something

Meaning: someone who is considered the most skillful or the most famous in a particular activity or situation.

Sample Sentence: Patty is the queen of the campus. Everyone admires her sense of fashion.

Sample Dialog:

A: Who is your favorite singer?
B: That’s a no-brainer. Of course, the King of Pop!

A: Michael Jackson?

B: Yes.

A: I heard the Rollingstones dubbed a new King of Pop.

B: Really? Who?

A: Harry Styles.