It is still Monday but everyone is already excited for the weekend. I sure am! As early as now, many are already asking for awesome and interesting places to try. We have the perfect spot for everyone!


Kape Umali is definitely one of our favorites. Aside from being a cozy and stress-free café, it is also conveniently located just behind PIA Cooyeesan campus.

The ambiance is simple and neat. The open space is refreshing and makes you just want to stay there for a long time while catching up with a friend, or just plain daydreaming.

The first floorthe actual café, is for all the morning persons and coffee lovers out there (or anyone who enjoys a cup of hot drink).


From local to international flavors – their myriad of coffee beans will give your taste buds an exciting journey!

What’s more this is just the first part.

Kape Umali is also the perfect place for all the night owls who want to spend some time chilling or listening to music. Aside from the open café, they also have another area that completely gives off a different atmosphere.

Let us then take a small tour of the basement floor, or the bar area.

The owners of Kape Umali are artists and this can be clearly seen in the interior of the basement. Music and art are put together in perfect harmony.

Actual as well as replica guitars used and/or signed by well-known musicians are lined up on the walls for everyone to marvel at.


Illustrations and photographs also fill the walls, providing a visual feast for the customers.


Looks like my friend is really enjoying her time here~!


Since the family has been running Kape Umali for a long time, they also have their most treasured collection of old brewing equipment and and other coffee-related antiques.

So whether you are a morning person or a night owl, whether you prefer a hot cup of coffee or ice cold drinks, Kape Umali is the café-slash-bar that can satisfy whatever your taste may be. Want to see this hip and awesome café by yourself?

Drop by 1 Nepal St., Asin Rd., Shangri-La Village, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

You can also check them out on Facebook:

Article & Photos: Marianne Rabang