By: Teacher Shella

English grammar could be tricky, but don’t worry, we will make it simple and easy to understand for you to remember the rule. Let’s have a closer look at the difference between possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives.

Here’s a quick look:

Here are the examples of Possessive pronouns:

1.Mine(belonging to me ) 

Ex: The book you are holding is mine.

The book you are holding belongs to me.

2.His (belonging to specific male) 

Ex: Don’t eat the cake! It’s his.

Don’t eat the cake! It belongs to him.

3.Hers(belonging to a specific female ) 

Ex: Is that makeup set hers? I’d like to ask the brand.

Does that makeup belong to her? I’d like to ask the brand.

4.Ours(belonging to us) 

Ex: They already got their salary. How about ours?

They already got their salary. How about the salary belonging to us ?

5.Yours(belonging to you) 

Ex: The coffee on the table is yours.

The coffee on the table belongs to you.

6.Theirs (belonging to them) 

Ex: The winning team from last night’s game is theirs.

The winning team from last night’s game belongs to them.

7.Its (a possessive word for nouns without gender)

Ex: The resort changed its rates because of the pandemic

The resort changed the rates belonging to it because of the pandemic.

 More Examples using possessive pronouns in a sentence:                                         

  1. The dogs are yours and mine. The house is theirs and its paint is flaking.
  2. The cute baby girl is hers.
  3. The food they ordered in the restaurant is ours.
  4. Why did you give that bag? That’s mine. 
  5. That is our farm and that really big mountain is theirs.
  6. Don’t tell me that our school is his.
  7. Congratulations this award is yours because you really excel in the class.
  8. The blind man steps on its shoelace.
  9. The dog wag and bites its own tail.

Sample Expressions and quotations:

  • What’s mine is already yours.
  • Theirs were not the everyday experiences of ordinary men, but of men lifted out of themselves and transported into a higher sphere.
  • Unlike the cold rain of her father’s energy, theirs was warm and cheerful, like her bond to Jule.
  • Nothing is ours except time.
  • Nothing is ours really, not even our own souls.
  • Your heart is yours to give, it is no one to take. 
  • Your sorrow is truly yours. No one can borrow or share it. No one can carry it for you.
  • You are mine and I am yours forever.
  • You are the best thing that’s ever been mine. (Mine by: Taylor Swift) 
  • What right does she have to take your heart away when for so long, you were mine? (You were mine by Dixie chicks)

Possessive Adjective:

Are words that modify a noun or pronoun to show a form of possession, a sense of belonging or ownership.

What are the possessive adjectives;

My + noun

Your + noun

Her + Noun

His + Noun

Its + Noun

Our + Noun

Their + Noun

Sample sentences:

  1. The children touch my long hair.
  2. You need to finish your food before playing games.
  3. Among the ideas her idea is my favorite.
  4. His slippers are all branded and expensive.
  5. Its wings are broken it cannot fly higher.
  6. Our place is dangerous because of the pandemic.
  7. I stopped by their house last weekend
  8. My brother is a good man.
  9. This is our monthly report about our customers.
  10. Its tail is so short.

Inspiring quotes:

I am a woman of my word.

I hear your words but I listen to your actions.

The beauty of her words so bright and warm.

A boy’s best friend is his mother.

Sometimes our actions are more meaningful than words.

Their achievement is not yours so make your own.

Let’s make our memories memorable.

Raise your words not your voice.

His light will lead us to goodness.

We need her kindness.