Failure is the last thing that we want to happen to our plans, but this is unavoidable and unpredictable in some situations. Check out this English lesson and learn how to use “epic fail”.~

Expression: Epic Fail 

Meaning: Complete failure in doing something and could cause embarrassment for one’s part. 

Sentence: Jenna’s birthday surprise for Ben was an epic fail.

Situation #1:  Albert plans to propose to his girlfriend on the last day of their trip. Find out what’s going to happen.

Albert: Let’s go to an exquisite restaurant for dinner here in Boracay.

Betty: Alright, let’s go in few minutes. I’m quite hungry.

On their way to the restaurant, Betty receives long-stemmed roses from random persons and she feels uncomfortable about it.

Betty: Are you about to propose to me?

Albert We’ve been together for 5 years, and I want to do this right now. Betty, will you marry me?

People: Say Yes ~~ (Cheering) 

Betty: I am not yet ready to get married, Albert.

Albert: Please think about it.

Random Person whispering to her friend:  Oh my gosh! This guy’s proposal is an epic fail.

Situation #2: Tom bakes doughnuts for his mom for the first time !~ 

Tom: This is my first time to bake doughnuts, and I hope Mom would like it.

Jane:  I think the doughnuts are quite dry Tom.

Tom: I don’t want this to be an epic fail. Mom is the best baker in the world.

Jane:  Well at least you had the effort to bake these doughnuts for her.

*** Tom’s Mom overheard the conversation***

Mom: Tom, those doughnuts are not epic fail. It is always the thought that counts.

Tom: Mom, maybe you should try it first. You might change your mind.

Mom: Oh yes,  I think it’s a  little dry, but I like the taste and the frostings you made. Remember to set the right oven temperature next time, so those doughnuts won’t end up dry. For a first-timer ,this is not an epic fail.

Tom: Thanks Mom~

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