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thành ngữ: Out of this world

Ý nghĩaExtremely good  or impressive (Ấn tượng)


ví dụ: The ballet rehearsal was already out of this world for me.


Situation 1: Kaori and Sam are discussing their first hand experience during their backpacking trip in Southeast Asia 
Kaori: Hi Sam ! I heard you went on a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia , what countries did you visit ?
Sam: I’m so delighted you are asking about it. I heard you also have visited some of the places in that area. For the first quarter of 2017, I visited 3 neighboring countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.
Kaori: It must have been an out of this world experience for you. For me hiking in Sapang ,Vietnam then on the next 2 days heading to Thailand was amazing. These two countries offered great mountain and white beach sceneries.
Sam:  Oh I agree with you! I think I have also enjoyed checking out Southeast Asian cuisines.
Situation 2:  Jenny went out with her boyfriend to watch David Blaine’s magic in action 
Jenny: Thanks for taking me on that show tonight.
Ben: I want you to see more fantastic shows around the world Jenny.
Jenny:  Seeing David Blaine’s trick tonight is indeed out of the world!
Ben: Which trick is unforgettable ?
Jenny: Seeing him rip his heart has blown me away!
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