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Học Tiếng Anh Trực Tuyến với 11Talk (11Talk Vietnam)
~ This English lesson is for those who have just started making their resolutions. Please remember to do these things throughout the year~


thành ngữ: “Easier said than done”
Ý nghĩa: It’s easy to say something but hard to put into practice. (Nói dễ hơn làm)
ví dụ:  I will start saving up this month by avoiding impulsive buying, but it’s easier said than done!
Situation #1: Every year, I want to lose weight but fails doing it!

Ben: It’s my goal to lose at least 4 lbs this month, so I will cut on eating fatty foods.

Jenny: You told me exact words last year, but you failed to achieve the goal. It is easier said than done!

Ben: I’ll be more focused this year! I’ll avoid eating junk foods.

Jenny: Be sure to do it!
Situation 2: Oliver promises to honor his words by keeping promises to his girlfriend 

Oliver: This year, I will do my best to become a better boyfriend by keeping my promises.

Raisa: Like what ? Become a vegetarian like me and not to forget our appointments?

Oliver: Exactly, my love! I am really doing my best to start eating healthy just like you and to be committed to our appointments 🙂

Raisa: Really?

Oliver: I know you are thinking that these things are easier said than done, but you have to believe me this time. I don’t want to lose you.

Raisa: Even if you can’t keep up with going vegan, I would still love you. Please remember our appointments and don’t cancel it on the last minute.

Oliver: I’m so glad we are more open now. Thank you for being honest and happy new year to us  🙂


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