Give away


May 21, 2018
화상영어 전문 파인스토킹 영어회화 표현 give away

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Give away 

Ý nghĩa:
Give something to someone for free
tặng miễn phí


SITUATION 1: Ven and Lara want to attend the party to get freebies

Ven: The event host is giving away Iphone X
Lara: We have to be there early.
Ven: I heard that the early birds will get the prize.
Lara: I wonder why they are giving away Iphone X frequently these days.


SITUATION 2: Demi plans to give her clothes away for charity

Demi: Do you know any charity group that accepts clothes for donation
Joe: Why are you giving away your clothes. I can remember you just shopped most of them 6 months ago.
Demi : I just don’t feel like keeping most of them anymore . I suddenly want to practice minimalist lifestyle
Joe: If you are giving away those clothes, I think there’s a charity organization near ABS-CBN TV station.