Coffee is indeed an elixir of life. Coffee lovers would grab their daily mugs before the day starts. It serves as their energy booster and keeps them awake all throughout the day. You might be one of those coffeeholics but have never tried to order or visit a coffee shop outside your country.

Here are some words and expressions that might be useful for your next trip to the coffee shop.

Counter Service


It is also called “quick service”. This is where customers order directly at the counter, and pick up their drinks and food once their names are called.

Sample Sentence: I fell in line at the counter service to order some coffee.

Sample Dialog:

Marky: What do you want to drink?

Xean: A large cup of Iced Caramel Macchiato, as usual. How about you?

Marky: I’m not really in the mood for coffee. I guess I’ll just have some iced Hibiscus tea.

Xean: Alright.

Marky: How about some food? Do you want to eat anything?

Xean: A slice of strawberry shortcake will do.

Marky: Find us a seat first while I go to the counter service to order.

Display Case

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It’s the glass case usually connected to the service counter and is used for displaying products such as cakes and pastries for people to look at or buy.

Sample Sentence: Mary looked at the different pastries in the display case.

Sample Dialog:

Warren: I think I want to have some Chai latte. How about you?

Angelo: Just an Americano is fine with me.

Warren: Do you want to eat anything?
Angelo: Hold on, I’ll just check what’s in the display case. Hmmm, I would like to have a donut.

Warren: I see. Then, let’s order.


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Once you step into the café and fall in line, a friendly face would greet you at the bar counter. The person responsible for taking your order and payment is called the barista. Not only that but they are also professionals who make and serve your drinks.

Sample Sentence: Marga works as a barista at the oldest local coffee shop.

 Sample Dialog:

Alex: Eliah, long time no see!

Eliah: It’s been a while. How’s Spain?

Alex: The place is great.

Eliah: When did you arrive?

Alex: Just last week. How have you been? Where are you working now? Are you still a wait staff in the steakhouse?

Eliah: Oh, no! I quit and took the chance to study coffee making. I’m already working at this café as a barista. Plus, I own the place.

Alex: Wow, that sounds great.

Eliah:  Why don’t you order anything you want and I’ll give it to you on the house.

Alex: Thanks a lot!

“For Here”

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This expression is also called “Dine in”. It means you would drink/eat in the establishment.

Sample Sentence: I would like to have a large Iced Mocha for here.

Sample Dialog:

Barista: Good morning, what would you like to have this morning?

Patty: Morning! I would like a large Strawberry latte for here, please. And a bagel, please.

Barista: Sure thing.

To Go

This expression is the opposite of “For here”. You can use this expression when you want your drink to be served in a takeout container as to be taken away from the establishment rather than being consumed on the premises.

Sample Sentence: Can I have two to-go Iced Latte, please?

Sample Dialog:

Barista: Good morning, what would you like to have this morning?

Pierre: Morning! I would like a medium-size Americano, please

Barista: No problem. Is that for here?

Pierre: To go, please. And a large-size green tea, too.

Barista: Fine. That would be $7.50 in total.

Loyalty Card×1024.jpg

The Loyalty Card is a system used by establishments such as cafes and restaurants designed to track the spending of repeat customers and then reward that loyalty with points that can be exchanged for rewards.

Sample Sentence: I always bring my loyalty card whenever I grab a coffee in the café.

Sample Dialogue:

Barista: Good morning! What would you like to have today?

Zeus: A large size Thai milk tea, please.

Barista: Certainly, anything else?

Zeus: And a glazed donut for here, please.

Barista: Our café just started a new customer loyalty program. Are you interested to join?

Zeus: That sounds good. I have been stopping by here almost every day. It will surely benefit me.

Barista: You can say that again, besides the discounts that you can get from the said program, you can enjoy freebies only given to the program members.

Zeus: I think I would like to join, please.

Barista: Sure. Just fill out this form as I prepare your loyalty card.

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