Do you still have a Halloween hangover? We are not here to scare you but to share a few Halloween season-related expressions. Check them out for your daily conversations. Don’t worry, for these expressions are timely and for sure relatable.

1.To ghost (verb)

Ghosting (noun)


In modern dating, ghosting someone means suddenly disappearing from the communication radar or cutting someone off from your life without any explanation.

Sentence :

  • He never got back to me; he ghosted me.
  • It’s easier to ghost someone online.



A: I have been waiting for his call.

B: Did your second date go well?

A: He stopped texting me weeks ago.

B: I do not want to be cynical, but I think he ghosted you.

2.Graveyard Shift


The shift runs from midnight to 8 am


  • Most of us don’t like to be assigned on a graveyard shift.
  • Drink coffee because you are on for the graveyard shift


A: Who wants to work on a graveyard shift?

B: I don’t think I can sign up for that

A: The are more benefits for graveyard shifters.

B: Overnight work does not suit me.

3.Drop dead gorgeous


Drop-dead gorgeous means a beautiful woman.


I’ve seen the drop-dead gorgeous Nicole Kidman at her husband’s concert.


A: How does Dexter end up with drop-dead girlfriends?

B: He knows how to use his charm well.

A: His girlfriend resembles Kendall Jenner.

B: Wow, I’m speechless!

4.Skeleton in the Closet


This is a secret that can cause damage to one’s reputation.


  • The foreign diplomat lived in that country with a skeleton in his closet
  • It took her a year to find out her fiance’s skeleton in the closet


A: I was never comfortable with the presence of the family next door

B: I have always felt like they have a skeleton in the closet

A: It’s a good thing the police caught them in the act of drug dealing.

B: Too much to handle in our village, most people think that our area is the safest.

We hope you have enjoyed our English lesson “treats” for you. You can check as well our lesson about weather-related idioms.

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