Repeating the learned expressions makes a conversation dragging. Come up with a natural response through these alternative expressions. 

Avoid Saying: I don’t like it. (Over and over)   

It’s easy to tell someone how much you don’t like something. However, this statement is not for everyone. For example, you cannot directly say: “I don’t like working late shifts” to your boss. Start with something encouraging and positive just like this: 

1.(Sth is great, + but + recommendation/ why you don’t like it)  

Recommendation: The night shift offer is great, but I believe someone is better for the position. 

Reason for not liking it: The night shift offer is great, but I don’t think I can do it with my health condition. 

Recommendation: Your products are great, but I think you need to sell them to people with oily skin.  

Reason for not liking it: Your products are great, but I have sensitive skin.

Recommendation: The bag looks nice, but I think it is more suitable for teenagers.

Reason for not liking it: The bag looks nice, but it is not my style. 

Other Expressions :

I’m not really interested in it. 

I don’t appreciate it.


When talking to friends or people you know, you have more options in expressing your dislike towards something.

2. I’m not into it

A: Do you want to watch a broadway show next week? 

B: I’m not into it. 

*to be into something – is to like something.

A: Do you want to watch a broadway show next week? 

B: Thanks for inviting me! I’m so into it!

3. I’m not fond of it.  

A: Let’s get some chicken wrap for dinner

B: I’m not fond of it. 

4. I’m not crazy about it. 

A: Do you want to binge-watch Money Heist 5 this weekend?

B: I’m not crazy about it. 

5. It’s not for me 

A: I’ll go rock climbing with Jess tomorrow, are you coming?

B: Rock climbing is not for me. 

6. I’m not much of a …. much person  

A: Do you want some fried rice for breakfast?

B: I’m not much of a rice person. 

7. I’ll pass.   

A: Join us for Karaoke night.

B: I’ll pass. 

8.I can’t stand it (strong way – only use it with close friends ) 

A: Let’s go to the school fair and participate in the annual games
B: I’ll just stay home this weekend. I can’t stand the rowdy atmosphere.

9. It drives me crazy (paramount of dislike) 

A: Let’s go for a motorcycle joyride after work.

B: It drives me crazy!

10. It’s not my cup of tea  

A: I heard that there’s a film-making crash course this weekend. We should go together.
B: Sorry, it’s not my cup of tea. If it’s photography, I will go with you.

11. It’s not my thing  

A: Do you want to try the street foods near our district?

B: Eating street food is not my thing.

Expressing dislike towards something varies in the situation and the person you are conversing with. In this case, you should familiarize yourself with these alternative expressions as proof of your diversified English knowledge.

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Reference : youtube:@linguamarina