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I had a remarkable summer vacation in the Philippines


Situation 1: Sharing travel details to friends

Oliver  : You look  pretty with your sun-kissed  skin.

Belle:  I went on an island hopping  trip in Palawan, and I was so amazed at the scenery.

Owen:  Could you share other remarkable details of your trip?

Belle:  During the trip, I met a German traveler who happens to be a photographer. We went snorkeling and captured remarkable underwater photos  

Oliver:  So did you get his number? Do you think the trip is still remarkable even if he wasn’t around?

Belle: I think so. The place is very beautiful. Even if I did all that travel activities alone, the experience of being on that island would still be remarkable. Meeting people is just a secondary agenda.

Situation 2: Discussing about work of arts and museums

Blair:  Have you been to ArtScience Museum? 

Serena:  Yes, I was able to visit that Museum last summer . I had a remarkable experience checking out the art installations.

Blair:  What is your favorite?

Serena:  My favorite is the installation of celestial space. The lights and shapes that go together give a remarkable vision of the universe. I was so into that!