Two wrongs don't make a right học tiếng anh trực tuyến 11talk pinestalking 파인스토킹

Two wrongs don’t make a right  

It is not acceptable to do something bad to someone just because he/she had wronged you

Revenge is not acceptable


You cannot keep on ignoring his calls just because he forgot your anniversary; two wrongs don’t make a right Phoebe!


Situation :  Denise is thinking about getting even with her colleague 

Denise:  I am so stressed right now .

Benson: Yeah, you look like it. Is it about work ?

Denise: Totally! Kate deleted my files , and I could not  recover them from the recycle bin.

Benson: Are you sure that she’s the one who deleted it ?

Denise :  Yes, she came forward to me admitting this! I’m planning send virus to her  PC .

Benson: You know what? Two wrongs don’t make a right,  my dear. Maybe , Kate accidentally deleted those files . She came to you and admitted it. Stop whatever plan you have and forgive her!

Denise: Maybe you have a point she said it was an accident, but those files are important to me. These are company reports I have been updating.

Benson: Will sending the virus make you recover those files ? Again, two wrongs don’t make a right.  Just inform your boss about this and discuss with Kate how she can assist you. Stop acting like you guys are still in high school.

Denise: Alright Benny,  I’m just furious about starting anew with all those company files.

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