–> to relax/ to calm down/ to have a good time

  1. You need to chill. You’ve been overworking lately.
  2. Hey, chill. I was just kidding when I said I’m dating your ex- boyfriend.

Situation 1

Alain: I want to give up studying English. My schedule is too hectic.

Ela: Maybe you’re overdoing it. You also need to chill sometimes and give yourself a break.

Alain: I guess so. What do you suggest I should do to relax?

Ela: Let’s go jogging this weekend and have a whole body massage in the afternoon.

Alain: Oh! That sounds great.

Situation 2

Amber: Hey, are you okay? You’re shaking.

Gem: Two hours from now, I’m going to have my public speaking presentation. I am so nervous.

Amber: Chill Gem. The more you think about it, the more you’ll be nervous. Come on, let’s eat ice cream. It’s my treat.

Gem: Good idea. I need to do something aside from overthinking. Let’s go.