By: Teacher Joseph

Following the rules in reported speech is important. Check this lesson out and learn other rules.        

Dave said, “I dance”. vs Dave said that he danced.

1. Tense Transition

The tense section of reported speech is tricky at first, but upon knowing the format, whether it is for speaking or writing, everything will be smooth for you. 

Direct SpeechIndirect Speech
Present simple (Subject +V1st + Object)
Dave said, "I dance."
Past simple(Subject +V2 + Object)
Dave said that he danced.
Present continuous (Subject +is/am/are+V1 +ing+ Object)
Dane said, " I am having some wine in my place."
Past Continuous(Subject +was/were+V1 +ing+ Object)
Dane said that she was having some wine in her place.
Present perfect(Subject + has/have+V3+Object)
Andrew said, "Julienne has gone to work."
Past perfect(Subject+had+V3+Object)
Andrew said that Julienne had gone to work
Past simple(Subject+V2+Object)
Venus said, "Dwayne ate the cake".
Past perfect(Subject+had+V3+Object)
Venus said that Dwayne had eaten the cake.
Past Continuous(Subject +was/were+V1 +ing+ Object)
They told, " We were traveling in Thailand."
Past perfect continuous(Subject +had been+V1 +ing+ Object)
They told that they had been traveling in Thailand.
Future simple(Subject+ will/shall+V1+object)
Ben said, " I will buy a Beach house 5 years from now".
Present Conditional(Subject+ would+V1+object)
Ben said that he would buy a beach house 5 years from now"
Future Continuous(Subject +will/shall+be+V1 +ing+ Object)
Jerry said, “they will be purchasing the tiles this afternoon.”
Conditional Continuous(Subject +would+be+V1 +ing+ Object)
Jerry said that they would be purchasing the tiles this afternoon.

Beverly said, ” I went to Berlin 7 years ago. ” vs Beverly said that she had gone to Berlin 7 years before.

2.Place and Time Transition

Words are altered in an Indirect Speech to replace the distance context and the time the action happened.

Direct Speech Indirect Speech
Dave said, "I love dancing now".
Dave said that he loved dancing then.
Jacky said, " I want to stay here."
Jacky that he wanted to stay there.
Ben said, " I will get a new phone today."
That day
Ben said that would get a new phone that day.
Jerry said, " I will submit my resignation letter tomorrow."
The next day
Jerry said that he would submit his resignation the next day.
Last week
Julia said, " I went to the health center for vaccination last week."
The previous week
Julia said that she had gone to the health center for vaccination the previous week.
She said, " I hate this feeling.
She said that she hated that feeling.
Jen said, " all drinks are on me tonight."
That night
Jen said that all drinks were on her that night.

Beverly said, " I went to Berlin 7 years ago. "
Beverly said that she had gone to Berlin 7 years before.
Gino said, " I am not vaccinated; thus, I cannot go abroad anytime soon.
Gino said that he was not vaccinated, so he couldn't go abroad anytime soon.

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