It is common and natural for most of us that we could not help ourselves when we are chatting but ask other people what they think. Most of the time, we would probably start with the phrase, “I think…”.Are you sick and tired of using the same opener? While it is safe and okay to use “I think…” as an opinion opener, people effectively come across your message when you use alternative patterns.

Situation 1:Scholarly Discussion

Using “In my opinion” as an opener will give you a reliable and trusted tone. The tone of uncertainty is set when you constantly use “I think”.

In my opinion, + ( Opinion Statement)

In my opinion, getting a good college is more important than having a car.

  • 11talk tip: Add 2-3 reasons to support your opinion.
    • In my opinion + (Sentence: General Idea).
    • First of all,(reason #1).
    • Second,(reason#2).
    • Finally,(last reason). (Re-state your general idea)

Sample Answer

“In my opinion, getting a good college is more important than having a car. First of all, a good college helps you land a job. Second, college attendance means meeting great people. Lastly, you will acquire skills in college. For these reasons, getting a good college is more important than having a car.”

Situation 2:Expressing light personal feeling

Express your excitement or even worries in some situations by using this opener when chatting with friends.

I have a feeling that+ (Sentence)

I have a feeling that your boyfriend will propose to you next month.

Situation 3: Expressing strong feeling towards


We get a little sensitive sometimes, and if you want to be vocal about it use ” It seems to me that + Sentence”

It seems to me that + (Sentence)

It seems to me that you’ll enjoy the video game session without me here.

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