By:Teacher Scarlet

Here are some common English expressions that can be used in a wide range of business situations such as in the workplace, professional emails, and presentations.

1.Meet the deadline

To finish or complete something on the target date.

A: The marketing staff from other branches have not yet submitted the report.

B: It is impossible to meet today’s deadline.

A: I cannot meet the deadline as the resources are not enough.

B: I understand how stressful it is for you to meet this deadline.

2.Put our heads together

If two or more people put their heads together, this means to consult and work together

A: I am running out of ideas for our marketing campaign

B: Let’s put our heads together to come up with an effective brand campaign.

A: Check out the social media buzz. Our target market uses Instagram often.

B: In this case, we should put our heads together in making Instagram content.

3.Game plan

Indicates the strategy that could work out in advance, especially in sports, politics, or business.

A: Our sales suffered a decrease last quarter. What is the game plan for the next quarter?

B: I think we need to create a new image of our product.

A: You mean we need to plan for rebranding?

B: Yes. We need popular influencers to promote our skincare line. That’s the game plan.

A: I agree with you. We wasted our time working with models and not real people.


Refers to the number of people working or available for work or service

A: Do you think we have enough manpower for our company event next month?

B: I think so. We have around 50 people who are working between pre and post-production.

5.Have the capacity

This refers to the ability to do something

A: Zelda deserves the promotion.

B: I totally agree with you because she has the capacity to lead this department.

A: She also has the capacity to solve our age-long internal issues.

B: Yes, she knows how to make our department grow.

6.Meet in the middle

To compromise with someone.

A: I thought our investors won’t settle with our budget proposal.

B: They did not exactly settle with what we want. They have just met us in the middle.

A: I can feel the pressure now, they have agreed with the budget increase because they want to get results before 2021 ends.

B: It’s a good thing they’ve met us in the middle, if not, our rebranding project will be downgraded.

7.Suffer a decrease

This means to experience a downfall in something

A: Our sales have suffered a decrease last quarter.

B: This is the reason why some of our investors have started pulling their shares out.


Group discussion or ideas to solve the problem/

A: Our sales suffered a decrease last quarter. What’s our game plan for the next quarter?

B: let’s have brainstorming to come up with an effective brand campaign.

Try using these terms and expressions the next time you sit down with your boss and colleagues.