One of the signs that summer has indeed started is seeing more sunflowers around Baguio City.


There’s a slight temperature change, and you can feel it most during noon time.


Smile more as we have prepared tips that will make your summer agenda smooth,majestic and of course unforgettable. Days ahead will be hotter and you need to do something about it.

1.Make sure you are properly hydrated


A well-hydrated body means good-looking skin. Drinking more water also helps in preventing unnecessary weight gain. Look and feel great; make sure you are properly hydrated this summer.

2.Wear breezy and comfortable clothes


Lightweight fabrics and cotton should be worn this season. Let your skin breath. Put yourself together with the right outfit this season.

3.Stand out and wear sunglasses


Aside from the fashion sense of standing-out , wearing sunglasses will also protect you from the sun’s harmful UV-rays. Bring your sunglasses or “sunnies” to enjoy your sightseeing and create an Instagram-worthy photo.

4. Go zen and start swimming


Swim and find peace. For me ,swimming is the best summer activity. Most people like the idea of swimming and partying in overrated beaches (like Boracay), but there’s another thing for you to try.Swim somewhere undiscovered. Go to the nearest underrated resort and swim. Reconnect with your inner self ,reflect then swim. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

5.Try surfing

thomas-ashlock-64484 (1).jpg

Surfing is a form of exercise, but the best thing about this is you won’t realize you are exercising because you are having a great time. Imagine the great atmosphere of sunshine, beach and summer breeze. At first, it is tough  but all you need is practice to become a better surfer. There might be frustrating moments , but these moments will be overshadowed by all the awesome moments you’ll be experiencing while learning. You’ll have that great wave to ride on and you’ll realize you have achieved something in summer.

6. Capture your perfect summer moment


Summer moments with friends deserve to be printed or posted. Your perfect summer could be kept through photos. Whatever you do or planning to be doing, bear in mind that a photo will be a constant reminder of how awesome your summer 2017 years from now.

BeFunky Collage

Make the most out of your summer because this is a time for you to create special bonds and new experiences . How have you been spending your summer all these years? Regardless of your age, race and personal situation, it’s high time you seized this season. Make your Summer 2017 unforgettable .

We will be releasing our top summer destinations anytime this April. Here at Pines, we make sure your summer will be enjoyable and unforgettable. Stay tuned.

Article: Rona Dale Ortiz