We can’t get enough of Phoebe Buffet’s smelly cat hit as well. Entertain yourself before learning new idiomatic expressions that are related to cats.

What adjective did she use to describe the cat? August 8 is known as international cat’s day, so we have come up with an English lesson that is dedicated to English learners who are cat lovers.

These cat-related terms and expressions are timely and could be used in daily situations.Show the cat lover in you by using these situational terms and expressions.

In the age of social media, this word has emerged and it only means “being pretentious” or pretending to be someone one is not.

A: I am tired of online dating. It seems no one wants to have a real connection in the real world.

B: You are absolutely right. I was catfished twice. I almost want to vomit after those dates.

A: You are not alone. I went on gazillion dates and no one seems to be real.

B: That’s the reason why I am deleting my tinder account.

A catfight happens between women, and most of the time the reason for this is fighting over a guy

A: Were you there yesterday when 2 women had a catfight at Starbucks?

B: Yes. It’s just disappointing to know that most of the catfights are about guys

A: Same story. There are a lot of guys in the world. Why would they even engage in a catfight?

B: It’s very shallow, and it makes me sad as well to know that they used to be close friends.

Sometimes, you just want to squeeze in a short sleep within the day to be energized and a cat nap is a solution.

A: I have turned out to be a workaholic since I started working with these creative people

B: I guess you constantly need a cat nap. It’s exhausting to work in a film company.

A: Our shoot demands us to work until the wee hours, so I constantly needed a cat nap.

B: Try to do more of that.

Fat cats are financially powerful people, and most of them are big company executives.

A: Do you happen to know the fat cats of Facebook?

B: I do. In fact, I had a speaking engagement with them 2 days ago. Let me know if I can help you with your proposal to them.

A: What do these fat cats want in a proposal?

B: . As you know the competition is getting rigid, so you have to make sure that the proposal will be edgy as well.

There’s another way to say somebody has revealed a secret through the expression let the cat out of the Bag.

A: Beth has gotten married in Vegas last summer

B: I wonder if her parents have already known about it.

A: I guess Beth’s best friend let the cat out of the bag.

B: That’s unforgivable!

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