Christmas is no doubt the most awaited season of the year for we go on holidays and spend time with our loved ones and probably also a great time to meet new people. Learn and use holiday-related expressions if you are living in an English-speaking nation.

Expression: The more the merrier

Meaning: I’m happy to have more.
A typical response when you’d love to have more guests for the occasion.

A: Your party will be on the 23rd right?
B: Yes, and I haven’t gotten responses from the invited.
A: May I bring my wife?
B: Sure, the more, the merrier.

Expression: Chrismas came early this year

Meaning: A good thing happened earlier than expected.
When we receive good news or something grand early in the year or months before the Christmas season, the expression can be used.

A: It’s only October, and I am promoted!
B: Congratulations!
A: Christmas came early this year.
B: We should go out and be merry!

Expression: To quit cold turkey

Meaning: to suddenly quit doing something. ( bad habits)

A: We are so loaded with Italian wines for the weekend get-together.
B: After years of drinking, I have decided to go on cold turkey.
A: You should start thinking about that this January.
B: I’m serious, and I don’t want my ” New Year ” to be a cliché. I can start as early as now or on the weekend for that matter.

Expression: be there with bells on

Meaning: to be excited to be there

A: I know that you are just new in the city, so I’m inviting you to join us for the annual Christmas party in our flat.

B: When will this be held?

A: On the 21st after work.

B: Okay! I’ll be there with bells on.

Expression: It’s the thought that counts

Meaning: To appreciate someone for giving you a present even if you don’t like it. (You don’t directly tell this to the gift giver of course)

A: I saw what your boyfriend gave you. I know that you hate the mustard color.
B: It’s the thought that counts!

We hope you have enjoyed this short English lesson. Happy holidays 🙂 wait for part 2 of this lesson. You may check the full lesson from this video from linguamarina.