Car tourists with map having quarrel, road travel. Couple on vehicle got lost, searching for the right way. Man and woman on vacations, auto trip

By: Teacher Ellen

Have you ever encountered a situation while walking on the street, where someone would stop you and ask for directions?

Here are some helpful tips!

  • Turn left                   Turn right
  • Go straight              Walk straight
  • Go up                       Walk up
  • Go down                  Walk dow
  • Next to                     Behind  

Situation A:

A: Excuse me, Could you tell me how to get to the factory?

B: Sure. Walk up along Bond Street past the traffic light. Turn right to Green Street and you’ll see the factory next to the museum.

A: Thank you very much.

B: you’re welcome!

Situation B:

A: Excuse me, could you direct me to the nearest hospital?

B: Certainly. Drive up Bond Street .when you reach the roundabout, take the third exit. You’ll see the hospital on your right after the police station.

A: thank you so much!

B: You’re welcome!

As easy as a piece of cake right? Try it! Practice with a friend.