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지난 포스트에서는 Either A or B의 대화문을 살펴보았는데요! 이번에는 Neither A nor B의 대화문을 살펴보고자 합니다. 🙂

Neither A nor B의 A, B의 자리에는 여러 품사가 올 수 있으나, 명사, 형용사, 동사, 전치사구,문장이 많이 사용됩니다!

Neither A nor B 의미: A도 B도 아니다


생활 속 대화문
상황 #1 :  Joey confidently answers the questions of the interviewer during the job interview 

Interviewer:  Tell me something interesting about yourself.

Joey: I’ve been in the marketing industry for 4 years. I have gained a lot of experiences through communicating and working with foreign nationalities. As a digital marketer, I have completed 3 websites and made successful online ads.

Interviewer: Wow! That is impressive. Could you tell me about your weakness?

Joey: Sir, I had used neither my annual vacation leave nor had gone to the company sponsored trips.I am working on these personal and professional shortcomings. 

Interviewer: I totally agree with you Joey. Take a leave when you need it to nurture your marketing creativity.


상황 #2: Duke and Lily are listing the things they want to do before turning 30

Duke: Oh my gosh, Lily.  Next year, both of us are turning 30. What are the things you want to do before turning 30 ?

Lily:I had gone neither bungee jumping nor solo traveling.Perhaps, I’m going to do these things within the year.

Duke: Those activities are extreme. Well for me, I had neither swam with sharks in an oceanarium nor joined TED Talk. I am looking forward in doing risky and promising things this year.

Lily: I’ll be really proud of you when you join Ted Talk.

Duke: Let’s do something different this year.

Lily: That’s a deal!~


+지식 덧붙이기
Neither A nor B 가 주어로 쓰일 경우, 동사는 B에 수일치 시켜주셔야 합니다!


Neither you nor I am happy. (O)

Neither you nor I are wrong. (X)

B자리에 「I (나)」가 있기 때문에 동사는 「am」 이 와야합니다.


Neither you nor she plans to attend the wedding. (O)

Neither you nor she plan to attend the wedding. (X)

B자리에 「She (3인칭 단수)」가 있기 때문에 동사는 「plans」 가 와야합니다.


Neither the chicken nor the beef has been cooked yet. (O)

Neither the chicken nor the beef have been cooked yet.(X)

B자리에 「 the beef (3인칭 단수)」가 있기 때문에 동사는 「has」 가 와야합니다.


“Neither A nor B”, 실 생활 속에서 사용해 보세요! 🙂


[파인스토킹 선생님들의 동영상 레슨도 확인해 보세요!]

(1) T. Joe의 영어 악센트 레슨

(2)T. Karl의 “Turn”이 들어가는 구동사 레슨

(3)T. Claud의 “Bring”이 들어가는 구동사 레슨

(4)T. Janel의 표현 레슨(Alternative expressions for Clarification)


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