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영어회화 표현 – 화상영어 전문 파인스토킹(Pinestalking)

Two wrongs don’t make a right  

It is not acceptable to do something bad to someone just because he/she had wronged you. Revenge is not acceptable.

자기에게 잘못한 사람에게 그 잘못을 되갚아 준다고 상황이 나아지는 것은 아니다

즉, 잘못에 잘못으로 대응하는 것은 옳지 않다. 악을 악으로 갚아봐야 좋을게 없다.


You cannot keep on ignoring his calls just because he forgot your anniversary; two wrongs don’t make a right Phoebe!



상황 :  Denise is thinking about getting even with her colleague. 
Denise:  I am so stressed right now .
Benson: Yeah, you look like it. Is it about work ?
Denise: Totally! Kate deleted my files , and I could not  recover them from the recycle bin.
Benson: Are you sure that she’s the one who deleted it ?
Denise :  Yes, she came forward to me admitting this! I’m planning to send virus to her  PC .
Benson: You know what? Two wrongs don’t make a right,  my dear. Maybe , Kate accidentally deleted those files . She came to you and admitted it. Stop whatever plan you have and forgive her!
Denise: Maybe you have a point she said it was an accident, but those files are important to me. These are company reports I have been updating.
Benson: Will sending the virus make you recover those files ? Again, two wrongs don’t make a right.  Just inform your boss about this and discuss with Kate how she can assist you. Stop acting like you guys are still in high school.
Denise: Alright Benny,  I’m just furious about starting anew with all those company files.


파인스토킹 선생님들과 1:1 무료 수업 수강해 보시지 않으실래요? 

(아래의 사진을 클릭하시면 무료 샘플 클래스 신청페이지로 접속 됩니다)

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