By: Teacher Belinda

Often, when we meet someone who has been a part of our childhood and previous past. We remember things we had done with them as these things still make us smile and laugh. Now, how do we express ourselves when we talk about our memories?

Remember when + (Sentence)
A: Remember when we were kids?

B: Yes, we used to play together in your house.

A: That’s right and you would always go home late in the afternoon.

Do you remember + [Sentence]

 A: Do you remember when we found a cute dog in your garden?

B: Oh my gosh! I kept that dog for myself, and soon I found out that our neighbor owns that.

A: You cried a lot after returning it.

B: Do you also remember when I gave you a cat as a pet for you to get over the cute dog.

A: Yes! I named the cat ” Brandy”. Brandy made me happy, but she died 2 years ago.

B:Do you want me to get you a new pet? I want you to be happy 🙂

We used to + [verb]

A:We used to play basketball during summer.

B:Your mother would usually call us at 4 PM.

A: We also used to eat dinner together if your mom couldn’t make it on time from work.

B: I miss those days.

A: Hi, can you still remember me? I’m Jenny. We were classmates in Primary school.

B: Oh yes, how can I forget about you? You were my first friend!

A: I’m glad you still remember me. Remember when we used to have snacks together?

B: Yes, and you would always bring chocolate drinks for us.    

Let’s try…

  1. Do you remember when _____________________________________?
  2. Do you remember when _____________________________________?
  3. We used to ________________________________________________?
  4. We used to ________________________________________________?


Here’s a song where you could also see how we express our joy in remembering the good old days.

Memories by Maroon 5

We could actually adapt or use some expressions like:

There’s a time that I remember when + [sentence]

There’s a time that I remember when I did not know no pain. (00:33-00:37)

There’s a time that I remember when I never felt so lost. ( 1:37-1:39)

Were you able to catch this ?Try listening again 🙂

A: I really can’t believe I’d see you after 10 years!

B: Me too, and I’m so happy. You really look good now.

A: Oh thank you. Remember when we used to sneak in your mom’s room and put make up on?

B: Yes, of course. Every time I look at our pictures, I remember those things. There’s even a time when I remember when we would wear some of your sister’s clothes!

Here’s another expression that you can also use:

I could still imagine how… + [sentence]

  1. I could still imagine how we climbed trees.
  2. I could still imagine how we both danced in front of people.

This expression means that you could still picture or imagine how a certain event happened.

Familiar with the song “Summer of ’69” by Bryan Adams? This iconic song about growing up by Bryan Adams reflects upon a time when he bought his first guitar back in the “Summer of ’69.” What was the most treasured possession of your childhood?

Again, there are other expressions used in this song like:

  1. Oh, when I look back now.           
  2. Those were the best days of my life!
  3. That summer seemed to last forever.
  4. We were young and restless.