Our lifestyle has dramatically changed because of the pandemic, and it has made our self-care method challenging. What are the things you know about self-care? In today’s blog post, we will learn words and expressions related to self-care.

What is self-care?

Self-care is an activity we deliberately do to nurture ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. We do this once in a while to develop well-being that leads to a balanced life. 

New Words 


(n.)  /welˈbiː.ɪŋ/
Definition: the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

Sample Sentence:

Eating good food improves your physical and mental well-being.

Sample Conversation

A: I have started including proper diet and fitness in my lifestyle this year.

B: I envy you because you have the dedication to maintain it.

A: Our well-being is important especially nowadays that we cannot go out to explore the world.

B: I agree with you. Our well-being improvement is just within our reach now that we are just at home.

B) Indulge – Indulgence

(v)/ɪnˈdʌldʒ/ , (n) /ɪnˈdʌl.dʒəns/
Definition: allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of doing something 

Sample Sentence:

I plan to indulge in Nexflix binge-watching this holiday. 

Sample Conversation

A: I’m exhausted this week. I’m glad we’re hitting Friday fast.

B: I am planning to indulge in skincare online shopping.

A: Somehow, I just want to indulge in eating desserts and Netflix binge-watching this weekend.

B: Definitely. I still have some sheet masks left and a bottle of wine. That’s going to be my weekend indulgence.

Digital Detox:

period of time during which you do not use mobile phonescomputers, etc., because you usually use these devices too much.

Sample Sentence:

I’ll go on a digital detox this weekend because I am exhausted from seeing stressful content on my social media feeds.

Sample Conversation:

A: I’ll be going on a digital detox this weekend.

B: It means we cannot reach you online?

A: Yes, but I’ll be sending all my replies next Monday via chat and email.

B: Thanks for informing us. Probably, it’s good if we practice digital detox once in a while.

Unplugging from technology

Meaning: Turning off your electronic device like smartphone, tv ,computer and others.

Sample Sentence:

Don’t spread yourself too thin for the Olympic games; take a rest from the practice.

Sample Conversation

A: I’m gonna go camping this weekend.

B: Oh! That’s a nice time to unplug from the technology

A: Be closer to nature too.

B: Yup, I wish I could join you and Cindy.

There are other ways to

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