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ネイティブも良く使う表現、 “Either A or B”を使ってみてはいかがでしょうか。


Either A or B 意味:   AかBかどちらか



“Either A or B”は肯定文で使われます。


(例)We can either go for a climb or go camping this weekend. Which do you prefer?


日常の会話の中でどのように「Either A or B」のフレーズが使えるか見ていきましょう!
状況 # 1: Jeremy asks Cary to choose the weekend activity in Chicago 


Cary: This is our first weekend in Chicago, and I’m so excited to check out the events in the city.

Jeremy: You are absolutely right! I was just checking out the events and there were numerous interesting ones we could attend to.

Cary: We can only choose one to go to because of our preparation for the gala. I do not want to be late and exhausted for the evening event.

Jeremy:   There are 16 amazing events, but I have narrowed down our choices to 2. We can either check Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina’s ballet and musical featuring an original music from the award-winning composer Ilya Demutsky or the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s famous Infinity Mirror Rooms featuring blend art and science installation.

Cary: Let’s go to the Anna Karenina Musical to prepare our mood for the gala.



状況 # 2: Dina is on a strict diet. Every fitness trainer discusses the possible choices with her.


Dina: Grace I’ll have my cheat day tomorrow. What can I possibly do for dessert, and I also need the specific amount of servings. It is really important to me.

Grace: You can either enjoy 2 slices of homemade strawberry cake or make a 4-layer blueberry pancake.


Dina: Can I have both? Oh my gosh.This has been a constant struggle.

Grace: Well done for the fitness program I made, I think you can only choose 1 from the options I have prepared. If you want to have both, we will have extended hours of physical training next week.

Dina: Hmmm … that would be quite challenging.Alright, I’ll choose the 4-layer blueberry pancake.

Grace: Good girl! The key to successful fitness journey is self-control.


【Either A or B が主語となる場合?】

Either A or B が主語となる場合、動詞の形を迷ってしまいますよね。




Either you or I am wrong. (O)

Either you or I are wrong. (X)

Bのところに「I (私)」がきているので、動詞は 「I (私)」に一致させて「am」 となります。


Either you or Kenji lives in Tokyo. (O)

Either you or Kenji live in Tokyo. (X)

Bのところに「Kenji」がきているので、動詞は 「Kenji(3人称単数)」に一致させて「lives(三単現)」 となります。


Either my car or her car has a flat. (O)

Either my car and her car have a flat.  (X)

Bのところに「her car」がきているので、動詞は「her car(3人称単数)」に一致させて「has(三単現)」 となります。


ぜひ、会話の中でEither A or B を使ってみてください!



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