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[오늘의 표현] Laughter is the best medicine

의미: Laughter makes you feel good and can relieve your pain in mental and even physical aspects.
        웃음은 가장 좋은 약이다, 웃음이 최고의 명약이다
예문: Whenever I feel down, I watch comedy films as I believe that laughter is the best medicine.
learn english online 11talk Laughter is the best medicine
상황:  Joy is leading the meeting for the company party, but some of her colleagues were serious!
Joy: Good afternoon guys, I’m holding this meeting for our company anniversary party. I have prepared slides for you to check out our plans for our visitors. 
Matt: What really? Holidays are fast approaching, and I’m feeling a little stressed out with this planning.
Joy: Stop thinking about stress. You should be thankful that we have a couple of days off.
Brent: Matt, you’re only giving way for aging to come in easily.  (참고: aging 노화)
* Everybody laughs *
Matt: Why is everybody laughing?
Brent:  Because laughter is the best medicine!
Joy: Join us for a couple of minutes, let’s laugh more.
Brent: We are not really laughing about you.
* everybody laughs *
Matt: Oh my gosh!
Then Matt joined the group! Everybody felt good laughing. After that good laugh, everybody started planning for their company anniversary gathering.  



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