Word differences ; say tell speak talk 다른점 11talk Pinestalking 파인스토킹

情况 1: On her last day in the Philippines , Jenny wants to express her appreciation to her mentor who never gave up on coaching her to become the next company speaker.

Jenny: Sir Mike! This is my last day in the Philippines.

Sir Mike: Our seminar went by so fast!

Jenny: I just want to say, you are the best coach in Southeast Asia. I think I will be confident enough to present about our company in our Texas Convention.

Sir Mike: The convention will be very hectic. With your patience and competitive skills, our company will outshine the others. I just want to say thank you and good luck!

Tell 2

情况 2:  导游通知杰克有关行程

Jack: How many days shall we be travelling?

Tour guide: We will be traveling around Russia for 7 days. We will stay in Moscow for 3 days and 4 days in St. Petersburg.

Jack: Could you tell me what specific places we will visit?

Tour guide: I will take you first around streets of Moscow to see St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin Moscow Castle. When we go to St. Petersburg,we will visit some universities and check out the performances of the students. They are gifted with musical and theatrical performance skills. Since it’s winter, we will also go skiing before coming back to the capital city.

Jack: Oh! I will tell this to my wife. This is just incredible  🙂


情况 3: James在获得F分数后想和他的教授讲话

James: Good evening Sir! May I speak with you for a brief moment?

Professor: Yes , sure Mr. lee. What is it about?

James: This is about my grade. What were my shortcomings?

Professor: Mr .Lee, I think you need to restructure your academic writing direction. This is the fundamental part of your thesis. You may want to check my comments on all your academic paper. I think you need to refresh your writing direction for next semester.

James: Thanks for explaining it to me. I appreciate your objective comment Sir.


情况 4: Olli和Sandra正在讨论下一批语言学员的计划

Olli: Can we talk ?

Sandra: Yes! We are talking now …

Olli: How did your day go?

Sandy: Same old, it’s neutral. Not really bad!

Olli: Well,I think you would want to talk about our work plans specifically for the next batch students.

Sandra: Yes. I think we have to make more challenging quizzes. I’m wondering why most of our students are getting a perfect score. It seems like our training materials are becoming too easy for them.

Olli: We need to update them!


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