neither nor pinestalking 11talk English lesson

今回は Neither A nor Bの会話文を見ていきたいと思います!

Neither A nor B 意味: AもBも…ない



“Neither A nor B”は否定文で使われます。


(例)I had seen neither Japan’s cherry blossoms nor the majestic view of Mt. Fuji in spring time.


日常の会話の中でどのように「Neither A nor B」のフレーズが使えるか見ていきましょう!
状況 #1 :  Joey confidently answers the questions of the interviewer during the job interview 

Interviewer:  Tell me something interesting about yourself.

Joey: I’ve been in the marketing industry for 4 years. I have gained a lot of experiences through communicating and working with foreign nationalities. As a digital marketer, I have completed 3 websites and made successful online ads.

Interviewer: Wow! That is impressive. Could you tell me about your weakness?

Joey: Sir, I had used neither my annual vacation leave nor had gone to the company sponsored trips.I am working on these personal and professional shortcomings. 

Interviewer: I totally agree with you Joey. Take a leave when you need it to nurture your marketing creativity.


状況 #2: Duke and Lily are listing the things they want to do before turning 30

Duke: Oh my gosh, Lily.  Next year, both of us are turning 30. What are the things you want to do before turning 30 ?

Lily:I had gone neither bungee jumping nor solo traveling.Perhaps, I’m going to do these things within the year.

Duke: Those activities are extreme. Well for me, I had neither swam with sharks in an oceanarium nor joined TED Talk. I am looking forward in doing risky and promising things this year.

Lily: I’ll be really proud of you when you join Ted Talk.

Duke: Let’s do something different this year.

Lily: That’s a deal!~



Neither A nor B が主語になる場合、動詞の形はBに一致させます!



Neither you nor I am happy. (O)

Neither you nor I are wrong. (X)

Bのところに「I (私)」がきているので、動詞は 「I (私)」に一致させて「am」 となります。


Neither you nor she plans to attend the wedding. (O)

Neither you nor she plan to attend the wedding. (X)

Bのところに「she」がきているので、動詞は 「she(3人称単数)」に一致させて「plans(三単現)」 となります。


Neither the chicken nor the beef has been cooked yet. (O)

Neither the chicken nor the beef have been cooked yet.(X)

Bのところに「the beef」がきているので、動詞は「the beef(3人称単数)」に一致させて「has(三単現)」 となります。


ぜひ、会話の中でNeither A nor B を使ってみてくださいね!:)



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