So do I & Neither do I 11talk pinestalking

Master conversing in English  with other people. Part of making an interesting conversation is making sure to finding a common ground with the person we are talking to. Find ways to genuinely relate with them. By saying”me too”. Let’s try to learn giving positive and negative affirmation by using  “So do I” and “Neither do I”.

情况1: 丹妮尔想避免参加年度罗斯游行的人群,而她的新朋友乌尔里克也有同样的感觉

Danielle: Surely, a lot of people are coming to town for the annual parade. It would be so difficult to be dining at the cafe nearby.

I just don’t feel so good having this thought for the weekend.

Ulrik: So do I. I think it’s best for us to make a quick out of town trip. Do you think it’s a good idea ?

Danielle: What do you have in mind?

Ulrik: A quick beach getaway will dissolve our tourist annoyance.

Danielle: Oh my gosh! I just have the same thoughts with you. So let’s head to Santa Fe this weekend and soak up some sun.

情况2: 简和德克斯特不喜欢与他们的婚礼统筹人开会的结果;这对夫妇计划寻找另一位协调员。

Jane: I think I have gotten more anxious after our meeting with Red (the wedding coordinator). It seems like she cannot get the best wedding suppliers in town

Dexter: I just don’t think she can work with what we want and what we think of doing for our winter wonderland theme at the beach.

Jane: I don’t like how she responds to our ideas.

Dexter: Neither do I!~

Jane: Honey,let’s find a more creative wedding coordinator!

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